Rajat Singh is the laboratory head. He is a clinician by training but a basic scientist at heart. He obtained his Medical Degrees in the eastern city of Calcutta and the northern city of Chandigarh in India. He then moved to the U.S. in 2004 to carry out his postdoctoral work in autophagy and liver with Mark Czaja and the autophagy guru Ana Maria Cuervo and stumbled upon the role of autophagy in fat breakdown when he saw accumulation of large lipid droplets when the autophagolysosomal system was suppressed. Keywords that excite Rajat are autophagy, lysosomes, time, lipid sensing, mTOR, and aging. In his free time, Rajat loves to play one of his six electric guitars or program patches on his Korg synth. He also plays drums, piano, and bass and used to be a vocalist in a number of bands while growing up. He is also a keen audio engineer and a cook. 

Nuria Martinez-Lopez is a native of the Basque Country in the north of Spain. She obtained her PhD from the CIC-BioGUNE where she studied the role of LKB1 in the development of hepatocellular cancers. Nuria was the labs 1st Post-doctoral fellow who published two 1st author papers in Cell Metabolism and 1 each in Nature Communications and EMBO Reports. Nuria is currently a junior Faculty in the lab working in collaboration with us and Prof. Chandan Guha. She is trying to understand the relationship of autophagy and time in radiation-induced injury. Nuria is super-organized and a super multitasker. In her free time, she is into cardio and endurance exercises. She loves all kinds of food - in particular Spanish cuisine, Morcilla and olive oil. Nuria believes in the Indian God Ganesha.

Marie Louise Aoun is a native of the Mediterranean city where parties never end and people are friendly - Beirut. She completed her medical education from the Lebanon American University in 2018, and came to the Singh lab to spend three years doing basic research on autophagy and lipid metabolism. Marie Louise is trilingual in that she can speak fluently in English, French and Arabic. Her project is looking at crosstalk between mTOR signaling and autophagy in the integrative regulation of fat metabolism. 

Henrietta Bains grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She majored in Biochemistry from Cornell, Ithaca, and followed that up by working as a Tech in a Neuroscience lab in Weill Cornell, New York, where she learned amongst several things, how to culture and work with primary neurons. She has since then joined the MD-PhD program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She is interested in understand the mechanisms of mTOR activation in response to lipid species in the mouse. She runs the best Western blots (although she will totally disagree!) Henrietta loves to snowboard and go to the gym, and she can't get enough of Italian food. 

We are looking for dedicated Graduate students and Post-doctoral fellows who are interested in entering the amazing world of autophagy and nutrient sensing. Please send your queries to: rajat.singh@einstein.yu.edu

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