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Twice-a-day feeding and reversal of diabetes in humans

Following our paper in Cell Metabolism in 2017 where we demonstrated that two meals-a-day is sufficient to prevent age-related metabolic disease in mice through system-wide remodeling of peripheral tissues and stimulation of autophagy, we asked the question whether this dietary intervention will prevent diabetes in human subjects. We are now working closely with Dr. Jill Crandall (Chief of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine) - the co-Investigator on this project - to determine whether feeding two meals-a-day (wherein the calories provided per day are tailored for each individual such that the meals per se do not lead to weight loss) will reverse abnormal indices of glucose metabolism in prediabetic males and females. To that end, we are excited to reveal that our study is underway and is a major team-effort of a large number of dedicated and committed individuals including Clinicians, Residents, Endocrine Fellows, Registered Nurses, IRB and Study Coordinators, Dietitians, Research Volunteers, Research Technicians, Members in the Montefiore Food Service Department as well as a Team of Drivers who deliver the meals each coordinating together as a well-oiled machine in true teamsmanship - embodying the true collegial and collaborative spirit of Einstein. The study is currently supported by the Translational Research Core of the Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating in our study at:

The 2ADay Study Team members are listed below:

Dr. Jill Crandall


Dr. Karen McCloskey

Endocrine Felow

Dr. Rajat Singh


Dr. Valentin Anghel

Study Coordinator

Dr. Norica Tomuta

Study Coordinator

Miriam Pappo

Study Dietitian

Mitch Zandes

Study Dietitian

Janet Brown

Registered Nurse

Anibal Rivera

Food Service

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