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Miriam Toledo-Soler joined our lab in 2015 as a Post-doctoral fellow after having completed her PhD from the University of Barcelona, Spain. In the Singh lab, she worked on understanding the role of autophagy in the regulation of the liver clock. Her work (Cell Metabolism 2018) demonstrated that autophagy specifically degrades Cry 1, a core clock repressor protein and a known inhibitor of gluconeogenesis, and in this way autophagy regulates both the circadian clock and gluconeogenesis. Miriam was supported by the American Diabetes Association Post-doctoral Fellowship. She was awarded the Dennis Shields Post-doctoral Prize for her excellence in research at Albert Einstein. Miriam is now back in her native Catalunya region of Spain to continue her research work. Miriam is an avid supporter of FC Barcelona or Barca!

Ana Batista-Gonzalez joined the lab in 2015 for her PhD work and graduated in 2018. Ana is a Cuban native who is now pursuing her Post-doctoral training at the University of Santiago in Chile. While in the lab she studied the role of mTORC1 and mTORC2 signaling in fat metabolism, and the manuscript is currently under preparation for submission. Before joining our lab she spent two years doing research at the University of Turku in Finland as well as performed research in Canada. She then came to the U.S. and worked as a research technician in the microbiology lab of Dr. Arturo Casadevall. Ana loves science! She is a voracious reader of the literature and a critical thinker. 

Nuria Martinez-Lopez joined the lab in 2011 as our first Post-doctoral fellow after completing her PhD from the University of the Basque Country in Spain. Her PhD work at the CIC-BioGUNE focused on signaling mechanisms, in particular, the LKB1 pathway in the pathogenesis of hepatocellular cancers. Her PhD work led to a number of high-impact publications for which she received the Extraordinary PhD award. Her Post-doctoral tenure was highly successful with two first author papers in Cell Metabolism (Cell Metabolism 2016) and (2017) and a paper each in Nature Communications and EMBO Reports.  Nuria transitioned to start her own lab in the UK in 2016 but diverse logistical reasons led to her move back to the US. She is now a Junior Faculty at Albert Einstein working in close collaboration with us to study autophagy in hepatocellular cancers. Nuria is a Barca fan and is a major foodie!

Gillian Lam came to the Singh lab as a Pediatric Gastrointestinal Fellow in 2013. She completed her Residency in Pediatrics at Case Western, Ohio, and her Pediatric GI Fellowship at the Children's Hospitals at Montefiore, Bronx, New York. She stayed with us in the lab for two years and quickly picked up immunoblotting and immunostaining - methods that were completely new to her! She was instrumental in the setting up all protocols for the study of lipid metabolism in the jejunum. Gillian Tam grew up in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, New York. Gillian is a hardworking and caring Physician, and she is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pediatrics at the Oregon Health and Science University doing what she does best - treating and caring for sick children.

Jaakko Sarparanta is a native of Finland who obtained his PhD from the lab of Dr. Bjarne Udd at the University of Helsinki where he studied mechanisms of development of specific forms muscular dystrophy in a small subset of the Finnish population that carries mutations for these disorders. In the Singh lab, Jaakko studied the role of the lysosomes in driving cell signaling. He also studied the role of autophagy in the turnover of various muscle-specific structural proteins critical to the functioning of the contractile system. Jaakko is a foodie with a great interest in different cuisines and wines! Jaakko excels in making Mead - a summer Finnish drink that quickly became a hot favorite in the lab. Jaakko is now back in Finland in the lab of Dr. Bjarne Udd to continue his work on the muscle.

Marina Garcia-Macia is a native of the Asturias region of Spain. She joined our lab after completing her PhD with Dr. Ana Coto-Montes at the University of Oviedo where she studied autophagy, lipophagy, and mitophagy in the Harderian gland, an organ present in rodents. While in the Singh lab, Marina mastered the method to cannulate the mediobasal hypothalamus (MBH), which helped us with specific experiments that required rapamycin injections into the MBH (Cell Metabolism 2016). Marina is currently a Post-doctoral fellow at University of Salamanca in Spain. Marina loves cats and her hometown of Gijón, Spain!

Diana Athonvarankul was the first MD, PhD student to join the Singh lab back in 2012. Diana was critical for the setting up of protocols to study the role of autophagy in POMC neurons in regulation of feeding using primary hypothalamic neurons in culture. Diana is currently a Clinical Fellow and an ABIM Physcian-Scientist Research Pathway Resident at Yale University. Diana loves dogs and lives with her family outside of New Haven, CT.

Srabani Sahu was the first person to join the lab when we started the lab in 2010. She worked as our Research Technician and contributed significantly to several projects in the lab by caring out all the mice genotyping. She originally hails from the Odisha region of India and originally trained as a lawyer in India. Srabani loved to cook Indian food and always kept us well fed while she was in the lab. She then moved with her family to Virginia. Srabani loves to take care of her Hamsters!

Priti Mishall joined the Singh lab as a Research Volunteer in 2012. Priti worked closely with Nuria Martinez-Lopez, who was our first Post-doctoral fellow and currently a Junior Faculty in Radiation Oncology at Albert Einstein. Priti helped Nuria in assessing the role of autophagy proteins in regulation of ERK signaling. She contributed to the paper published in Nature Communications showing novel scaffolding roles of ATG proteins in driving ERK phosphorylation. Priti hails from the hustling and bustling city of Mumbai (Bombay) on the west coast of India. She completed her medical education (MBBS) in India, and is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She teaches Anatomy and designs new courses and is very popular with the MD students!

Elena Tarabra was an Associate in the lab for 3 years. Elena joined our lab after working as a Post-doctoral fellow with Claire Bastie at Albert Einstein. She originally hails from the north of Italy from the city of Turin, and not surprisingly, she is a huge fan of Italian food. Elena is currently an Associate at Yale University. 

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